Many of the videos listed below are available for check out on DVD or VHS from our Resource Library.

"A Watershed Mentality"

One of PBS39's latest documentary presentations, "A Watershed Mentality", takes a look at the health and status of the Maumee River Basin and how we can best protect, and possibly even improve, this vital natural resource to our region.

"A Watershed Mentality" has now received awards from the International Videographers Association, was a finalist for a regional Emmy and won the Indiana Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence in the category of Outreach or Participation.

"After the Storm" Co-Produced by the U.S. EPA and The Weather Channel

The show highlights three case studies—Santa Monica Bay, the Mississippi River Basin/Gulf of Mexico, and New York City—where polluted runoff threatens watersheds highly valued for recreation, commercial fisheries and navigation, and drinking water.

"Wetlands & Wonder: Reconnecting Children with Nearby Nature"

Urban and suburban wetlands are valuable resources to be restored, protected and enjoyed. These remnants of the natural world in the human landscape can play a key role in reconnecting people to nearby nature-thereby improving the health of our children and our communities.

"Trailer for Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure"

Liquid Assets is a public media and outreach initiative that seeks to inform the nation about the critical role that our water infrastructure plays in protecting public health and promoting economic prosperity. 

"Fate of a River"

In 1965, the Junior League of Toledo produced this film depicting foaming detergents, raw sewage, industrial discharges, gasping fish and algae-laden streams in the Maumee River Watershed. This film helped citizens throughout Northwest Ohio recognize that their actions were negatively affecting local waterways and proposed actions they could take to clean up the environment.

 "Fate of a River, Revisited"

This story updates the current environmental state of the Maumee River with discussion on the today's health of this important Great Lakes watershed. This program was born from a respect for, and a desire to update the decades-old original film 'Fate of a River' that spurred public interest in saving our Northwest Ohio water resources.

"Green Sells"

The intent of this video is to stress the use of project management, Phased Construction Delivery (aka, "Phasing"), and erosion control Best Management Practices (BMPs) to effect a stronger "bottom line."  These tools should also help to realize a swifter "turn-around" time for your development.