The Allen County Partnership for Water Quality can help neighborhood residents keep up with important water related topics.  Partnership staff is available for presentations or discussions about water resource issues such as drinking water qualitycombined sewer overflows and river-friendly landscaping.

The ACPWQ also has available a series of newsletter articles entitled Water Matters. Each of these articles addresses a different water related topic.

The ACPWQ also provides neighborhood associations with brochures and booklets which explain many water resource issues.

Publications can be downloaded or requested directly from ACPWQ.

Homeowner Impacts on Water Quality

Even a small plot of land has an impact on stormwater. The hard surfaces on individual lots - such as rooftops and driveways - create runoff that goes into storm drains, retention basins, drainage ditches, and rivers. This runoff can pick up pollutants such as sediment, oils, and animal waste. The increased volume of runoff from these hard surfaces can put a burden on municipal and county stormwater systems. Everything we do on land impacts the watershed we live in.

Illicit discharges and illegal connections to municipal storm drains or county regulated drains can also have a big impact. Local government entities are required to try and find illicit discharges and get them corrected. If you think you may have an illicit discharge, get it fixed now before it becomes a bigger problem.

Things You Can Do

Here are some things homeowners can do to reduce runoff and improve water quality:

Mark Storm Drains Click here for more information.

Maintain Your Septic System
We can advise homeowners with septic systems on the care and maintenance of their system, as well as installation of new systems. 

Install a Rain Garden.

Install A Rain Barrel
Collect the rainwater from your roof to prevent pollution and irrigate plants. Click here for more information.

Fertilize The Lawn, Not The River
When you're fertilizing the lawn, remember you're not just fertilizing the lawn.

Fix Leaking Vehicles
When your car's leaking oil on the street, remember it's not just leaking oil on the street.

Wash Your Car Without Polluting
When you're washing your car in the driveway, remember you're not just washing your car in the driveway.

Pick Up After Your Pet 
When your pet goes on the lawn, remember it doesn't just go on the lawn.

Find Out About Your Watershed
Click here to learn more.

Conserve Water
Click to learn more