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With the past election it is official-we have a new surveyor. Jeff Sorg served witht eh Surveyor's Office in the past and became the Interim Director at that time.  He was replaced by Allen Frisinger in the follwing election.   This has now reversed and Mr. Sorg has replaced Mr. Frisinger for this post. We welcome Mr. Sorg and wish him well in his new role as surveyor. We would like to thank Mr. Frisinger for his dedication and service and, in particular, his support of the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality.
We are joining forces with the Upper Wabash River Watershed Group to conduct a Hoosier Riverwatch citizen-science workshop and training. This is held at the Ouabache State Park outside of Bluffton For more details, contact us at 260/484-5848 x 3
This is the first day of River Camp and what an exciting and enthusiastic group of kids!  We are learning; "What is a Watershed?;" "What Lives in Rivers?;" "What Can I Do on a River?;" and "What Can I do to Help Keep Rivers Clean?" Keep up with us on our Facebook "Cause" page.
River Camp is a conceptual day-camp event that is a more holistic view of waterways, their issues, social dynamics and overall stewardship while promoting the main concept of engagement and enjoyment.  Ages 8-12 Openings are limited (max. 40) Reservations are through the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department Mission statement:  To bring better understanding of our rivers, their challenges, and their benefits to youth through engagement, education and enjoyment.
THe mid-2015 edition of the "Water Spout" is avaiable on our "Publications fro Download" page of this website, Leading articles include informaton on creatng your own Earth-friendy hebicides, information on the Hoosier Riverwatch program, bacteria and beards and more.
Chad Pregracke of Living Lands and Waters spoke as one of the keynote speakers at the kickoff to the 2015 Rivers Summit.  The Rivers Summit was a combined workshop/information portal/celebration of all things pertinent to our river resources. Angencies, utilities, organizations and the public were present in this 3 day summit.
...and today we held a workshop for municipal employees. This training addressed refueling, small spills and meth lab ID. We also learned that discarded meth-making materials are volatile and potentially explosive. These are being thrown out along roadsides and waterways. DO NOT TOUCH SUSPICIOUS PILES OF TRASH! Step back to a safe distance and call the authorities.
We held a presentation on water resources for a class of Agriculture majors at Ivy Tech. To say the class went well would be an understatement.  I foulnd the students receptive, attentive and genuinely interested. We investigated some of the properties of water, availability of freshwater, soil health and its relevance to water quality and the filtering abilities of certain soils. Instructor Kelli Kreider and her class have my regards as the next generation of producers and stewards of the land
The Annual Three Rivers Festival finished last weekend and the ACPWQ was well represe nted in  the course of it.  First of which was our parade float-sponsored by Schnelker Marine and decorated by myself.   Following this was a display of information, shared with the watershed groups and pertinent to our rivers.   Then we wrapped up with our presence at the KidsFest on the Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne Campus.