Current Projects

Center for the Built Environment Sustainable Construction Lab
Storm Drain Marking Program
Fort Wayne Water Resources
Allen County Surveyor's Office
Project WET Certification Workshops

Greenway Signage Committee
Fort Wayne Public Works

These also include ongoing outreach and educational events as well as continued production of brochures and other publications. For an up to date listing of events, see the GET INVOLVED page.

Past Projects:

*(denotes Governor’s Award for Excellence)

Stream bank Stabilization on Urban Waterway

ACPWQ Logo Competition
Anthis Career Center

Storm Water Activity Book*
Anthis Career Center

Water Resource Education Library

Camp Scott Mitigation/Detention Wetland
Fort Wayne Water Resources

“A Watershed Mentality” video*
PBS39/GLC/USDA/Fort Wayne Water Resources

“Green Sells” video
PBS39/GLC/USDA/Fort Wayne Water Resources