The Allen County Partnership for Water Quality offers various resources for any education, research or general interest about water resources in Allen County. These vary from information on local river, lake and wetland restoration action, watershed groups and agencies to the neighborhood level of action.

Any sort of awareness you might need concerning water quality, particularly concerning non point source pollution, then likely we can help direct you to the proper resource. If you are wondering about issues like: algae in your local pond; trash in the waterways; native aquatic habitats or AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species); erosion, sediment or siltation of riverbanks and ponds; unusual effluent and failing septic systems contact us for more information.

Some other resources include:

  • "Water Matters" articles for your service, neighborhood, church or school groups
  • Phone numbers for the State, local and Federal agencies charged with maintaining high water quality
  • Volunteer opportunities and groups
  • GIS and topographic maps, links, lists of impairments and real-time data

We also stock a library of materials that can be checked out and in.  Some of the items include :

  • Posters
  • Videos (These range from general awareness to specific practices)
  • Education Modules
  • Presentations